Thursday, October 4, 2007

Florence, Italy {Piazzale de Michelangelo Views}

Florence was my favorite city in all of europe. I went to the Academia to see the Statute of David and I also went to the Uffizi Gallery. There was a 2 hr. wait in line at both. My favorite thing was sitting in the piazzas, grabbing a bite to eat, having a glass of wine and watching the people go through their every day lives. I especially love the Piazzale de Michelangelo which overlooks Florence from a high hill. Many tour buses go there especially at sunset. There is also a copy of the Statute of David there. It is just a very beautiful city and the piazzas are washed with soap from street machines every night. There is also great music and street performers in the piazzas and in front of the Uffizi at night.

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