Monday, October 1, 2007

Going Home

Friday November 3, 2006

I got to the airport at AMS at 8am. I realized after boarding that I had left my camera at the securtity check. All of my pictures. The stewardess let me go and retrieve it. I had been so careful for 60 days and almost lost it getting on the plane. It has been a great trip. Greece and Italy were incredible but Switzerland stole my heart. There is something about waking up in a small village in the middle of the Alps. I got back to Houston at 2pm and Angie was there to pick me up. I took my sister, Sandra, and Angie to dinner to thank them for putting me up and taking me to the airport and picking me up. I am glad to be home but at the same time a little sad the adventure is over. Traveling is an addiction and I was already feeling a little withdrawal 8 hrs after landing in Houston.

Also, a special thanks to my brother, Morgan, whose European adventures were the basis for my traveling obsession.

"Travel is as much a passion as ambition or love."
L.E. Landon

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