Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jungfraujoch and Ice Palace

Wednesday October 18, 2006

After flying into Milan from Crete the night before I caught the 6:25am train to Interlaken. I had left my camera back in my hotel room and had to go back and get it. I got to the train 2 minutes before it pulled out. The train ride to Switzerland was incredible. I got to Interlaken at 9am and found out that the next train to the Jungfrau Mountain, which I wanted to visit, left in 3 minutes so I bought a ticket. The weather has been warm since I have been in Europe and I did not bring a coat. It would have been nice to have had one when I went to the Jungfrau and the Ice Palace, which is located inside the mountain. At 11,400 feet Jungfrau has been the highest railroad terminus for over a century and the Aletsch Glacier is Europe's longest.

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