Thursday, October 4, 2007

Oktoberfest 2006 {Munich, Germany}

Oktoberfest in Munich was quite an experience. The festival always starts in September which is kind of strange being that it is Oktoberfest. The Bavarian breweries brew beer fro 4 months just to have enough beer for the 12 day festival.

Florence, Italy {Il Duomo}

The Il Duomo {The Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiori} boasts an enormous octagonal dome which was the largest in the world when built. The bronze doors at the baptistry in the piazza are called the Doors of Paradise. Eating gelato was my favorite thing to do in Italy. It is said that you are never more than 20 feet from a shop selling gelato at any time in Italy.

Florence, Italy {Statute of David}

The Statute of David picture was take in the Academia. You are not allowed to take pictures but I carefully snapped a few pictures without being noticed. The other statutes were in various piazzas.

Florence, Italy {Piazzale de Michelangelo Views}

Florence was my favorite city in all of europe. I went to the Academia to see the Statute of David and I also went to the Uffizi Gallery. There was a 2 hr. wait in line at both. My favorite thing was sitting in the piazzas, grabbing a bite to eat, having a glass of wine and watching the people go through their every day lives. I especially love the Piazzale de Michelangelo which overlooks Florence from a high hill. Many tour buses go there especially at sunset. There is also a copy of the Statute of David there. It is just a very beautiful city and the piazzas are washed with soap from street machines every night. There is also great music and street performers in the piazzas and in front of the Uffizi at night.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Saturday September 23, 2006

I left Florence early this morning to go to Cinqueterre. On the way I stopped in the town of Pisa to take pictures of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Tower is the only reason to visit here so my entire trip lasted one hour. 20 minutes to the tower, 20 minutes at the tower, and 20 minutes back to the train station.

Santa Margherita, Italy

I originally had no plans to visit Santa Margherita but I overheard some girls talking about how incredible it was and I decided to take the train and do a day trip. It was only an hour from Riomaggiorre. There was a real interesting building as you will see in the picture.

Cinque Terre